Dalia Braziulyte–El Amary

Psychologist, Aura-Soma® colour care consultant and a teacher, aromatherapist, Reiki and Karuna® Reiki master,  master scuba diver.

I would describe myself as a woman, a Scorpio, a psychologist, a world traveller, a diver and an extravagant lover of life. I am curious and open to new experiences, continuously looking for the depth in people, situations, in waters, and sometimes where there is not... This search led me to the bottom of the sea – diving is my passion and a “religion”. The bottom of my world is 41 m under the sea level – this is the depth I reached in Red Sea in Egypt

My vocation in psychology is to reveal and show people their unique inner world and beauty in the mirror of colours, aromas and archetypes of mythology. In other words, I’m good at helping people to fall in love with… themselves. For me the life is as the given opportunity to create and improvise in every moment.  I believe that we are here to disclose our unique masterpiece – the talent, the true nature, the individuality and in this way to enrich this world. In my view, the life is too short that we write it as a draft and regret the missed opportunities...  I often repeat in the seminars that even if we conquer the whole world but have lost ourselves, it means that we were here in vain... Due to the fact that all our external acts are nourished by the internal self, I am sure that it is worth “investing” in our inner treasure. I know that this life is (or can be) the Art of Being a Human.  

I would define my work style in psychology as colourfully-aromatic-provocatively extravagant because I apply methods of colour psychology, art therapy, aromatherapy, archetypal psychology, Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology, meditation and energy work for a deeper understanding and development of a human being. I combine the individual work with the group methods and conduct a big variety of seminars that help to learn more about self, the relationships and the world around us – aromatic and colourful!

The way to present: education and qualification

Homer is new, this morning, and there is perhaps nothing so old as today's newspaper.(Carlos Parada)

I was born in Kaunas, 1966. After graduating 43rd secondary school in Kaunas (at present Varpo Gymnasium), 1984, I studied psychology at Vilnius University. From 1989, I hold the qualification of clinical psychologist and a lecturer of psychology. Between 1987 and 1988 I completed a training course of short-term individual psychotherapy, taught by Virginijus Pocius and Levas Kovarskis (Vilnius). In 1989-1993, I was working at Republican Psychiatric Hospital in N. Vilnia. From 1990 to 1991 I finished a theoretical and practical course on hypnosis (presented by the Association of Hypnosis of the Republic of Lithuania), between 2000 and 2003 I was learning Gestalt therapy and Psychosynthesis according to the program of the Norwegian Institute Meta-Senter (course leader – Nils Grendstad). From 1999 – 2001, I was studying fundamentals of Management Psychology and Ontopsychology, delivered by Antonio Menegetti (Italy), Jelena Us (St. Petersburg) and Jelena Spivakovskaya (Moscow).

In 2001, I got interested in Family Constellations according to the teaching by Bert Hellinger. Since that time I participate regularly in the seminars, international conferences and training programs by B. Hellinger and his followers in Japan, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. Also, I conduct seminars on this theme.

Since 2004 I have been organising and translating the trainings of anthroposophic pedagogy, environmental philosophy, art therapy and shamanic practice, conducted by Andrea Thuler (Switzerland).

In 2007, I “discovered” Emotional Freedom Techniques® – EFT, the technique of psychological and energetical balance, developed by Gary Craig (USA). In 2008, I started to organise the first certified EFT international training courses in Kaunas, the lecturer – Masha Bennett (the UK). In 2008, I completed the first and the second levels of the EFT practitioner training program.

In 2009, I got acquainted with the method of SoulCollage®, developed by Seena B. Frost (USA). This technique of art therapy and self-expression became an important part of my life and work on the spur of the moment.  In 2010, I completed SoulCollage® teacher training in the Netherlands, and I lead certified seminars. 

Japanese teaching of a universal life energy

In 1994, I organised the first seminar of Reiki in Kaunas, Lithuania and was initiated into the first Reiki degree (Reiki Master – Annette Zillo Larsen (Denmark), school of Reiki Alliance). In 1995, I became the practician of the second Reiki degree, in 1996 – Reiki Master-Healer, and in 1997 – Reiki Master-Teacher (Reiki Master – Jelena Oborina (Latvia). In 1998, I completed Reiki Master and Karuna® Reiki Master training once again in England, according to the program of International Reiki Center (Reiki Master – William Lee Rand, USA), and became Karuna® Reiki Master and the coordinator of this program in the Baltic States. From 2001-2002, I studied Japanese Reiki techniques from Frank Arjava Petter (Germany). In 2001, I was initiated into the first and the second degrees of Jikiden Reiki practitioner in Kyoto, Japan, (Reiki Masters – Chiyoko Yamaguchi and Tadao Yamaguchi, the School of Jikiden Reiki Kenyukai). In 2003, I finished once again Reiki Master training, taught by Frank Arjava Petter (Germany). Since 1994 I have been organising Reiki seminars and since 1997 I have been teaching all Reiki degrees.

“The world of aromas – the aromas of the world”

I have been studying this aromatic science since 1997 and was learning from the founders of the modern aromatherapy such as Jan Kusmirek (UK), Gabriel Mojay (UK), Rhiannon and Bob Harris (France), Vivian Lunny (Canada), Rima Balaišienė (Lithuania), Anastasia Skopalova (Czech Republic), Colin Kingshott (UK), Favre Armstrong (UK), Ruth Smith (UK) and others.

I studied Holistic Aromatherapy at the Institute of the Fragrant Studies International Ltd. in Glastonbury (Great Britain), where I completed a practitioner training program “The Chalice Foundation Course in Aromatherapy” in 2000. I finished Diploma Course in Aromatherapy and Eastern Medicine at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in London, led by Gabriel Mojay, in 2001. Also, I finished Diploma Course in Aroma Cosmetology, tought by Jan Kusmirek in Riga (Latvia) in 2002. I studied perfumery with Jan Kushmirek (UK) and at Galimard Perfume House in Grasse (France). I am studying Clinical Aromatherapy in Provence (France) from the essential oils consultants - Rhiannon and Bob Harris. I am the member of NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy in America), the organiser of many seminars, conferences and training programs in the Baltic States, and the representative of the company “The Fragrant Earth Co. Ltd.” in Lithuania.

“We are the colours we choose and these reflect our true being and its needs”

I have been practising colour therapy since 1994 when I organised the first Aura-Soma® course in Lithuania led by Marianne Mikkelsen (Denmark). It was the very first workshop of Aura-Soma® in Eastern Europe. From 1994 to 1996 I accomplished an Aura-Soma® practitioner training courses based on the program of “The Art and Science International Academy of Colour Technology“, organised and translated the courses of Aura-Soma® in Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Central Asia. In 1997-2008 I acquired a qualification of Aura-Soma® teacher and colour care consultant and have been studying this coloured art and science from the founders of this method Mike and Claudia Booth, Erik Pelham in England, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. From 2002 I have been teaching the complete certified training course of Aura-Soma® in the Baltic States. 

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