Internal villa area, which consists of four appartments of 150 sq. m., is divided into two symmetrical sides of the house. One side of the house reflects the ancient Egyptian, and the other – the ancient Greek mythology.

All the furniture in the villa (except for the wooden arabic living room set of the dark colour) is white. This colour emphasizes and highlights the coloration of the rooms. The furniture for the villa was made by the skillful and creative local artisans. Each set of each room was created according to its purpose and symbolism. The woven furniture for the balconies and the terrasses we brought from Cairo.

Internal villa space – the accommodations, the hallways, the bathrooms and all the other rooms – are painted in colourful paints with natural aromatic energetic additives (this effect is proposed by the latest technologies of Aura-Soma). The rooms scent gently with subtle aromas, and here you can feel the energies of Aura-Soma pomanders and quintessences, purifying the environment, balancing moods, harmonizing the human spirit.

Since we highly appreciate clean, transparent atmosphere that surrounds the villa, for the room cleaning we use fragrant essential oils, sanitizing the environment and purifying energy. We regularly perfume interior space and courtyard of the villa with the Arabic incense (called mobchur in Egypt and incensed in the mosques), we clean the space according to Feng shui methods. All these rituals prevent from  stagnation of the old energy, open the ways for the new thoughts and original ideas to come, stimulate imagination and intuition.

All rooms are equipped with powerful air-conditioners with ionizers, which cool down the rooms during summer heat and warms up in cool winter months.

All villa’s lamps and multilevelled (the longest is 7 m.) soundy chandeliers are created especially for this house and its particular spaces. They are all hand-made in a small family factory of lamps in Cairo according to 13-15th c. canons of Islamic mosque lamps. It took to spend 20 hours non-stop in the workshops of Cairo while designing and ordering the lighting of the villa, after the final detailed model of the house lighting was born. For a few months the masters were producing unique 108 complex chandeliers, and, after the work was finished, they have shipped it to Hurghada, locating 400 km away, not breaking any of such delicate colored glass parts. Even the local residents of Hurghada, accustomed to the Arabic style, after visiting the villa and seeing the copper and glass cascades of the pendant ceiling lamps, respectfully shout out “Mashalah!” (“Blessed be the creature of Allah!”). We hope that this exotic beauty will make you happy as well!

Three floors of the villa are connected with symmetrical staircases on both sides of it. Spirally arranged stairs with fan-like white marble steps and blacksmithed iron handrails fitted with timber (very big luxury in Egypt!) invites to go upstairs.

The staircases are illuminated by the unique collection of chandeliers, designed especially for these spaces. The handcrafted chandeliers 7 meters long hang through three floors of the house. Chandeliers consist of fourteen Arabic lamps of metal presswork, decorated with singing colored glass and metal beads. 14=2x7, that is, two times repeating patterns of seven colored lamps symbolize the colours of seven energy centers of the body – chakras: the red colour corresponds to the first chakra, Muladhara, also called the base center; orange (the colour of honey) symbolizes Swadhisthana – the center of Hara, the second chakra; yeallow – Manipura, the solar plexus, the third chakra; green – Anahata, the heart center, the fourth chakra; blue – Vishuddha, the throat center, the fifth chakra; indigo – Ajna, the third eye, the sixth chakra; the white colour symbolizes the seventh chakra of the crown Sahasrara – the highest level of consciousness and nirvana. Stepping up or going down the stairs, the visitors of the villa will automaticly feel the ballancing effect of their energy. The walls of the staircases are decorated with bra, which repeat the colours corresponding chakras. At the entrance to each apartment of each floor you can see hanging ornamented lamps.


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