Dominyka Valiukevičiūtė – pilates and detox coach

I am a certified STOTT PILATES instructor and I have been teaching pilates for 5 years in my own pilates studio in Lithuania. As a former proffesional athlete I've suffered from different spine problems and traumas. Pilates helped me not only to recover from it but also to know myself better, to improve. Discovering your body is the beginning of your journey towards your inner self. Always treat your body with love and respect as it is the only place where you can live in. It is the temple of your spirit.

I find my purpose in helping other people to reconnect with their body, to see all the potential, all the wonderful things it does. It is the instrument that helps as to experience, explore, feel, makes our spirit fly. It is the instrument that allows as to move and movement is the foundation of the Universe, the constant energy flow.


Pilates is a physical fitness system that will help you to balance your body and mind. Exercises are done on the mat under the supervision of an instructor guiding you through right breathing pattern, correct body positions and muscle incorporation sequence.

Doing pilates you will:

  • improve your body awareness, flexibility, balance, strenght, coordination, control, posture;
  • learn to use your body more efficient and correct;
  • enhance your vitality, energy level, concentration;
  • tone up your body, improve it's blood and oxygen circulation;
  • decrease stress, fatigue, trauma possibility;
  • strengthen your power-house (core) muscles;
  • strengthen your immune system.

Pilates is adaptable system for people with different fitness level and age.

You can book:

  • Private pilates session
  • Group pilates session

Detox program

Cleansing your body is an act of self-love, a spiritual experience, it is a time where you connect with your inner sanctum and nourish your body with the right foods, self-love, affirmations, exercise and everything else holistic.

So take some time out for yourself, let the flower bloom within your own heart, find your passion, your destiny, your purpose, your authentic inner truth and tap into your own inner radiance. Become the best version of you through a little sacred self-healing.

During our detox program everyday you will:

  • nurture your body with healthy fruits, legumes and veggies smoothies, juices and vegan meals;
  • balance your body and mind practising pilates;
  • find love within your own heart through meditation and breathing exercises;
  • practise daily affirmations, gratitude and mantras.


  • unleash your inner goddess in a bath full of oils, flowers and herbs;
  • discover your senses through the world of spices;
  • release your free spirit taking kite-surfing lessons;
  • connect with the Universe and open the secrets of the desert;
  • enjoy the silence of the underwater world taking diving lessons.

Become fully alive and find out what it feels when your spirit can shine, when your body is vibrant, light, full of vitality and energy, when your mind full of  positivity and self-love.


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