Blue living room of Egyptian Goddesses

When having entered the Egyptian side of the villa through the main entrance, the visitors are welcomed in the Blue living room of the goddesses. This spacious room features the paintings of the New Zealand’s visionary artist Pamela Matthews – the archetype portraits of the most respected goddesses in ancient Egypt – Isis, Nut and Maat.

The room ceiling and the walls surround the visitors with calm blue colour – this shade was selected specifically from the colour of Egyptian sky, so that when opening the wide double-hinged white door, the room space would merge with the sky’s infinite blue.  Two white columns, decorated with lotus pattern motifs recall the temple space. These items go along with plaster moldings, which embellish all the Egyptian side of the villa.

The site is illuminated by the impressive collection of Arabic brass chandeliers. These two-level chandeliers, a floor lamp and the wall lights, as well as all the villa’s hanging lamps were designed and manufactured especially for the spaces of this house. When warm wind blows, you can hear the light ringing of bells in the room – the copper pendants and the blue glass icicles, decorating the chandeliers, make melodic tingaling. This sound purifies the spaces of the rooms energetically.

In the living room, there’s the outdoor wicker furniture, brought from Cairo awaiting for the visitors. Upholstered with blue tapestry with gold stripes, the soft part meets the room coloring. White handmade sideboard, decorated in Arabic motifs, repeats the ornaments of the columns.

The living room is equipped with studio type kitchen. It collects all the necessary kitchen equipment and colorful dishes. Two white high chair standing at the bar with the Egyptian granite worktop invite guests for a quick snack.

Before the entrance to the room hangs a colorful Bedouin-style drop-shaped mirror decorated with Berber textiles and copper pendants. This unique piece of art came from Cairo, from the Egyptian National Museum of achievements.

From the living room, through the wide double-hinged doors and a window here opens a spectacular view of the first floor terrace, overgrown with the palm trees, the Egyptian olive trees and the blooming aromatic frangipani trees. White marble steps, framed by a colonnade, lead to a blue pool. All the windows of the ground floor rooms of the villa, glazed with white Islamic mat glass, protect the privacy of the visitors – according to the Arabic code of honour, the inner life of the house is carefully kept out of sight.


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