The first floor

Climbing up to the first floor, you will see the doors of another appartment of the Greek side of the house. From the spacious coral hall you will appear in the appartment with three double-bed bedrooms and a bathroom waiting for the visitors. All the doors of the rooms in this floor are framed in embossed glass (in Egypt they are called islamic) of the honey colour. The rays of light, coming through the coloured glass, sink the hall in a lush golden light.

There are two wicker armchairs and a coffee table in this area. The hall is illuminated by the honey-coloured chandeliers, a wall lamp collection and a floor lamp. The walls are decorated with the paintings of three goddesses, the works of Hrana Janto. Sophia (painted in 1991) – an archetype referred to the Christians, the Hebrews, the Gnostics, and respected in the Middle East – the symbol of ancient wisdom that comes through the knowledge of  life and the world, through practical experience. This goddess is called "a female face of God" in Kabbalah tradition.

Aphrodite (painted in 1996) – the goddess of the Mediterranean countries and ancient Greece, born from the foam of sea, symbolizes the primordial feminine, love, sexuality, the ability to hapily enjoy one‘s body and life. This archetype ambodies creativity – arts, beauty, productivity.

Freya (painted in 1996) – the goddess of the Northern European countries, mentioned in the Scandinavian folklore, worshiped as the sovereign of life, love and death. Her tears turn into amber, and Hrana Janto depicted her dressed up with these beads. Covered in the feather mantle, Freya flies in the sky, in a carriage pulled by cats. Freya’s archetype symbolizes sexuality, female power and independence.


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