First floor    

Climbing up the stairs to the first floor, you will see another apartment door of the Egyptian side of the house. There’s an equipped studio kitchen for the visitor’s convenience in the spacious bright yellow hall. It includes a small stove with oven, a large refrigerator, and all the necessary cooking pans, cutlery and kitchen utensils. The collections of colorful dinnerware and glasses are assembled in the cabinets. Two high chairs are standing at the bar, covered by Egyptian granite. Through the open doors to the loggia you can travel with your eyes in the desert and azure nearby sea, while sitting and having a snack.  

Kitchen area is "patroned" by the ancient Egyptian god Khnum, who is depicted in profile, having a human body and a head of the ram, according to the traditional canons. In Egyptian mythology, Khnum is respected as a creator of gods and people, giving shape to all living beings on his pottery wheel. He was worshiped as the Nile flood and tidal ruler, the archetype of vegetation and fertility. Khnum symbolizes diligence, the ability to create a variety of forms in one’s life, with the help of active efforts to acquire form, fitting best in the current life stage.

In this area, there are two wicker armchairs and a coffee table. The hall is illuminated by a collection of Arabic brass chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps. The walls are decorated with a collection of lithographs of Scottish traveler and artist David Roberts (1796-1864). Here you can admire the most impressing temples of Egypt of pharaohs, which were captured by the famous landscape artist during his travels in Egypt and Nubia (1846-1849).

On this floor, all the room doors are glazed with relief green glass (so called Islamic in Egypt). The sun rays, coming through the colored glass, fill the hall with deep emerald light. All the rooms and bathrooms of the Egyptian side of the house are decorated with plaster molding with lotus motifs on the top of the walls. Wooden lotus flower carvings are used in white furniture decor.


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