In each villa apartment there’s a kitchen for our guests' convenience. If you enjoy home-cooked food and you are in a mood to cook, the villa driver will take you to Hurghada’s shops and bazaars, where you can buy some fresh seasonal fruit, some vegetables and all the necessary products.

If you wish to eat in the villa, but do not want to spend time at the pottery, our staff will be happy to make for you some simple but delicious Arabic dishes, or will deliver meals to the the house from your chosen restaurant.

If you want to dine in the city, the driver will take you to the best restaurants, where you can taste the egyptian food. There you will not see any white starchy tablecloths, and the food is served in small (but clean) plates all at once – here a good tone is considered, when all the dishes are placed on the table at one time. Since ancient times Egyptians a lot of attention give to the food, made ​​from fresh (i.e., not frozen) products. A range of flavors reminds the European cuisine – extremely spiced dishes are rare in Egypt. Since Hurghada – is a resort destination, located by the sea, there‘s an extensive choice of fish, shrimp and seafood. Muslims do not eat pork, so you wouldn‘t find this sort of meat in the shops or in the markets. Fresh lamb, beef and poultry completely will fill this gap. Meat lovers are recommended to try some traditional Egyptian dishes known since the times of the Pharaohs – a baked stuffed pigeon (called chamam), the ribs (resh), the grilled meat (kebab), the meatballs (kofta), a cup of stewed meat with vegetables (tajin) and other specialties that you will be helped to choose by our staff.

After the meal at the restaurant, don‘t even try to order coffee or tea here – these drinks are sold in a separate location – coffee shops and tea rooms, where it is custom to sit long, smoke shisha (water pipe), socialize and relax.

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