Pink bedroom of Shahrazad

The pink bedroom named of Shahrazad is on the ground floor of the Egyptian side of the villa. Here you can see the "portrait" of Shahrazad herself – the "SoulCollage", made by Dalia, printed on canvas and framed in a massive frame. Shahrazad is a story-teller, the main character of "A Thousand and One Nights“. From archetypal point of view, Shahrazad is a prototype of psychologist. By telling the endless, educative stories for a thousand and one nights she healed her husband – the mad shah Shahryar, and so she saved many innocent lives and restored harmony, justice and peace in the kingdom. Story-telling is an effective technique of depth psychology and art therapy, helping a person to find his/her soul myth, to assimilate it and to transform it to the realities of life.

This room is predominated by white-pink colour combination. All the furniture – a double-bed with canopy, 190 cm wide, a four-door wardrobe, a dressing table, the night tables – are white, handmade by local craftsmen, produced especially for this room, decorated with Arabic floral ornaments. The bedroom walls and the ceiling are pink, colored in paint with aromatic additives, the floor is based with pink tiles. A white chair, embellished with oriental ornaments, is furbished with pink tapestry. The pink Islamic style lamps overflow the room with soft, romantic light in the evening.

The colour pink is energy of unconditional love, self-acceptance, energy of beauty and womanhood. It heals the wounds of soul, helps to take life as it is, to release the piques and causeless claims to themselves and to the world. The colour of the room immediately and inevitably will reveal every visitor's attitude towards him/herself – those people who dislike pink, are usually dissatisfied with themselves, are longing for love, but are afraid to let it into their heart, they might have experienced some psychological trauma in early childhood, and they might feel tension in the relationship with mother. "Think pink, become unconditional love!" – Aura-Soma calls.

The white plaster ornament embellished with lotus flowers – the symbol of ancient Egypt – combines upper and lower spaces of the room. Wide Arabian style doors and shutters open to the pink tiled circular balcony, planted with fragrant jasmine flowers. In front of the bedroom, here alley of lemon eucalyptus grow, and banana trees are rustling in the wind.


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