Roof terrace

From any appartment of the villa through the staircase of the Goddesses you can reach the terrasse on the second floor. From here before your eyes opens a huge space of 300 m2 and the breathtaking views to the surroundings of the region. As there is no raining in Egypt, the areas on the roofs are installed here for relaxation. In the northern and the southern sides of the terrasse stand two huge pergolas, decorated with arabesque woodcuts (patterned tracery, a dome and ornaments). At night the pergolas are illuminated by the lamps, repeating style of the islamic mosque lamps. In the pergolas, broad settees (in Arabic called dikka) and large tables are waiting for the visitors. It's fun to read here, to chat with the friends, to sip some tea, to do some creation or just to lie here and look at the blue sky.

On the terrace you can stretch out on the comfortable lounge chairs and enjoy the sun. Since no one lives in the neighborhood, you can feel free to sunbathe naked (such an exotic luxury in Islamic country!).

Bedouin-style domed roof can be used as an outdoor kitchen-bar. It features a toilet, so that the villa residents should not have the necessity to descend into the appartments below.

From the terrace there are stairs that lead to the highest place of the villa and the region – the deck for reviews and meditation, located above the northern staircase of the villa. It offers a wide panorama of the entire area. On the warm breeze, you can track the ships at the sea, graze the eye into the endless sands, enjoy the sunset colours, or almost touch the starry African sky with the hand.

At night, the terrace, villa’s facade and the fence are illuminated by terracotta bedouin style lamps, reminding the visitors of the stories of “A Thousand and One Nights”.


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