Desert safari

“Desert when we open up to it shows what lies within us and provides clarity. Only someone who is quite strong, can endure it."
Nicole C. Vosseler “Under the saffron moon"

Another adventure worth experiencing In Hurghada – a jeep safari in the Arabian desert and the Red Sea mountain canyons. This trip usually begins at about 1-2 PM and lasts up to 6-7 PM. During the tour you will enjoy boundless vastness of the desert, ride in the deep canyons, from up close you'll see the decaying archaic mountain ranges, will get acquainted with the local flora. Depending on the program selected, the tourists have a chance to see the locals – a Bedouin village, where you can taste the traditional dishes, ride a camel (dromedaries, grown in Egypt) or a quadrocycle. After dark, the off-road drivers usually turn off the lights and allow you to admire the incredibly bright stars of the Northern Sahara.

If you like privacy and tranquility, you can book a private trip with jeep just for you and your loved ones. The driver will take care of the itinerary, snacks and drinks. A wonderful experience to spend the whole day in the wild – in the desert and in the mountains. Soundy silence of the desert helps to hear the inner voice of the soul.


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