For many years studying Egyptian history, mythology, nature and geography, the Arab and Islamic cultures, traveling by “the partisan and caravan paths” we developed the unique travel itineraries, which were toured with more than one group of the fellow travelers. With pride and complete responsibility, we can say that by choosing any of the trips on this page, you will go through an unforgettable adventure, the breathtaking experiences and discoveries. After all, with each spiritualy and meaningfully “discovered” country expands our inner world. Finally, from the western Libyan Desert plateau, or from the Upper Egyptian temples we can see better... our own lives.

For many years exploring the country and observing the other travelers' experience, we came to conclusion, that a trip to Egypt purifies the human soul and mind from all, that is not the essence of life. Staying in this region of deserts, under the Scorpio sign of Zodiac, can bring the priceless transformation, purification of values ​, confronting own soul, an unforgettable meeting with the world of archetypes and with one of the world's oldest civilizations.

It is possible to organize these trips for you individually, or gathering a group, we will gladly organize a tour for any size of group. During the journey through Egypt you will be accompanied by the best tour guides, talking in your preferred language (English, Russian, German, etc.). In collaboration with trusted tour operators, we are able to offer our guests especially neat and comfortable hotels.

If you are interested in mythology and during the trip you would like to have a deeper awareness of the Pantheon of ancient Egyptian deities, to learn about the expression of these archetypes in the modern personalities, to experience the unique meditations in the temples, to participate in rituals in the desert, that is, to discover the “inner eternal Egypt”, it is possible to organize your trip like a pilgrim tour, which will become the transition point and healing experience of your life.

To create a space and time that would bring together the old world cultures and the modern life, where a person could look into the inner world by knowing the outer beauty – that is the business purpose of the villa “Shahrazad”.

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