Scuba diving and snorkeling

The Red Sea is famous for its coral reefs. In Hurghada you can see this beauty from the ship, during scuba diving or snorkeling. We invite you to spend a day at the sea! This pleasure we strongly recommend in the beginning of holidays – diving helps to forget the stresses of everyday life, “switches” the consciousness to the regime of resting. It's a great way to return from the world thoughts to the body, to remember its needs and pleasures, to balance the biological clock. Turquoise depths await you with amazing colours of corals, exotic fish, excellent visibility and warm waters (in summer the water temperature is +28 C, in winter it cools to +23 C). After getting off the water after a dive, you can enjoy the “alpha” state for a long time – an absolute inner peace, being “here and now”, a clear mind, the un-obscured thoughts. It reminds of two women talk on board the last summer: “What could be better than a dive?” – “Only a break between two dives, waiting for the second!”

The “Daily boat” leaves the port at about 9 AM, and returns to shore at about 3 PM. On board, the guests are offered to have some fresh drinks and a light lunch. After many years of diving, we are familiar with this kind of sport – we will help you choose a reliable instructor, safety equipment and a comfortable boat.

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